Everything you would like to know about us

Who are we?

International Health Care EU, a service of CCN Insurance Services AG based in Haar near Munich.

We offer advice and brokerage of international health insurance for private and corporate clients.

With emotive and intercultural expertise, we advise private and corporate clients worldwide on both long-term international health insurance and cover for short-term trips.

Future expatriates or world travellers can also find an introduction to the private international health insurance.

CCN Insurance Services AG is an independent service and consulting company with many years of experience in residual credit insurance, income protection and payment protection on a national and international level.

We optimise and integrate protection against payment defaults into the business processes of banks and companies that deal with ongoing payment obligations. Furthermore, numerous product providers today utilise our know-how in the various areas of personal insurance.

Why are we doing this?


In times of advancing globalisation, an experience abroad is considered to be career-enhancing and a long trip abroad supports the personal development of a young person. More and more employees or “travellers” are seizing this opportunity.

Health is the first duty in life” – (Oscar Wilde).

Our mission is to prioritise private insurance as an important pillar. Our consultants have firsthand experience as expats, digital nomads, and globetrotters, giving them a deep understanding of the requirements for health insurance coverage abroad. This experience, combined with years of consultancy work and collaboration with top insurers, sets International Health Care EU apart.

We make the difference

We prioritise openness, transparency and trust when providing the highest quality advice. Many online platforms or comparison portals are full of information on providers and tariffs, websites with too much information from intermediaries as “specialists” and “experts” for the “layman” to understand. At first glance, digitalisation makes it easy to search for the “cheapest” offers or providers. But is that the case?

Comparison calculators and portals often only provide an initial orientation when researching online. While many prospective expatriates are already overwhelmed by the terminology, others believe that simple travel health insurance is sufficient for an assignment or a longer-term stay abroad.

Not selling, simply advising with care

We have set ourselves the challenge of learning new things from different perspectives. We are also working digitally, but despite all this change, we are focussing on the most important thing: you as a person and personal communication. Trust and a sense of wellbeing play an important, if not decisive role in this sensitive theme of health insurance.

There are a thousand diseases, but only one health“.

-Ludwig Börne

Place your trust in us! We look forward to assisting you with your planning. We make the difference…

International Health Care EU… simply different!